Abbey's Leotard

Abbey's Leotard

Abbey is a step 6 gymnast from North Harbour Gymnastics. You might have seen Abbey from some of the pictures on our website - she has modelled some leotards for us before, but it turns out that she is also a talented leotard designer! Recently, Sylvia P Sportswear loved one of her designs so much they decided to make it and call it the Abbey leotard! Here is Abbey's story:

"Hi I'm Abbey and I am 14 years old. I have be doing gymnastics since I was around three (I'm step 6) and my favourite apparatus is beam.

"So how did I get my leotard design made? I have often sketched leotard designs. One day I was looking at a leotard website and thought that I could design a
leotard really easily so I went to the contact section and sent an email asking them if they wanted to see my leotard designs.  To my surprise they said yes, so
I sent some through. Later on I got an email saying that they liked one of my designs but they just wanted to change the colours on it. They said they might
choose it to put it in their next collection! And in the end they did use it in their collection and now you can buy it! It's called "Abbey" If you get one I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy mine."

You can find the Abbey leotard on our website here (that isn't Abbey modeling this time, but it is her gorgeous leotard design!)

Posted: Tue 30 Jun 2015